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The King David Hotel in Jerusalem

The legendary King David Hotel in Jerusalem is no doubt the most famous hotel of this unique city. Its refinement and elegance unveil a glorious past.

Located on a hill, Hotel King David offers an incomparable view on the walls, minarets and domes of the Old City.

Opened in 1931, it has been badly damaged in 1946 by a fatal attack of the Irgun. Rebuilt and renovated, it is one of the luxury hotels of Israel.


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”Know Hope” Street Art

A conference of the Israeli artist “Know Hope – Truth and Method” in Tel Aviv last Friday.

In his new exhibition “Truth and Method”, he reveals his symbiotic relationship with the environment.

It also outlines the portraits of people he has tattooed himself texts / phrases and unlike these immutable walls undergo the interaction of everyday life and pass this concept to other perspectives.

“The process was extremely intimate, emotional and technical” he said !




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Mount of Olives

The “Day of the Lord, God will stand on the Mount of Olives”, said the prophet Zechariah.

The unique view from the Mount of Olives of the old city of Jerusalem, a place of pilgrimage and reflection for the many visitors coming during the Easter holidays.


Architect Oskar Kaufmann and the International style

I am living in one of Architect Oskar Kaufmann’s building in Yael street – Tel-aviv (a state of the art building).

An Hungarian Jewish architect, a fine pianist who loved art, he was one of the path maker of Tel-Aviv and Haifa International Style and Modern Urban planning of those cities.

He also buit several theaters in Europe and the ”Habimah” National Theater in Tel-aviv.