A room without a view

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The original name is ” Walled off ” Hotel. Its owner is none other than Bansky the” graffiti ” artist, who set his sights on the West Bank and especially on the separation wall of Bethlehem to make a work of art.

Oddly enough the name reminds us of another luxury hotel on the other side of the wall, the      ” Waldorf Astoria Hotel”, which was built recently in Jerusalem.

Its ten rooms are decorated with Bansky arts, furnished with taste, humor, research and provocation. Very little light penetrates. The view, certainly the worst of all hotels all over the world, overlooks this famous wall of separation.

Numerous graffitis parade this wall and continue to recall the years of Intifada, the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, nowadays an entrenched population that lives with a feeling of abandonment and isolation while being administered by the ” Palestinian Authority”.


Image result for photos of banksy hotel bethlehem


Banksy's work is displayed in the The Walled Off Hotel in the West Bank city of Bethlehem, Friday, March 3, 2017. The owner of a guest house packed with the elusive artist Banksy's work has opened the doors of his West Bank establishments to media, showcasing its unique worst view in the world. The nine-room hotel named The Walled Off Hotel will officially open on March 11.

Image result for photos of banksy hotel bethlehem

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