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The Jewish Palm tree

Avshalom Feinberg

Avshalom Feinberg

In 1914, Turkey entered the war as an ally of Germany.

The Jews of Palestine were then forcibly conscripted alongside the Turkish soldiers.

In 1915, in order to hasten the victory of the Great Britain on Turkey, a group of friends living in the village of Zichon Yaakov, founded a spy network call ”Nili”

 ”The eternity of Israel will not lie. “

The main members of the network were :

Aharon Aaronsohn, his sister Sarah, Avshalom Feinberg, Yosef Lishansky and Naaman Belkind.

Avshalom Feinberg chose side when his friend, Aaron Aaronson, who proposed to establish an intelligence network in favor of the British.

Aaron Aaronsohn directed a botanical laboratory research by the sea near the Atlit fortress. In the year 1915 the country was invaded by clouds of locusts and the Ottoman Governor Djemal Pasha asked Aaronson to find a way to fight this scourge. Aaron then received a pass that allowed him to move freely into Palestine with an assistant of his choice …

What could be easier for a spy  ! …

Aaronson travelled to Germany for a study trip. He took this opportunity to go to Alexandria and tried to persuade the British to make an offensive in Palestine, because the state of the Jewish population was becoming more precarious every day.

Asvhalom Feinberg and Moshe Lichansky led by a bedouin guide and disguised as well as Bedouins were trying to cross the Sinai desert as they wanted to meet their friends is Egypt.

But in the area of El Arish, they were attacked by Bedouin raiders. Feinberg was fatally injured. Lichansky was also injured but he was taken by a British patrol to a safe place in , the free area and then went in search for Feinberg, but in vain.

While investigating Moshe Elkana, a researcher of Nili’s history,  met numerous bedouins, who freely cross the desert, and was intrigued by a frequently reoccurring sentence :

                                                             ” The Jewish Palm tree”

In July 1967, a month after the six days war, a Bedouin led Israeli soldiers patrolling in the Sinai to the place where Avshsalom was buried ,

Indeed some dates stones left in his garment’s pocket grew and became a date palm tree.

                         On 29th November 1967, his body was returned to Jerusalem and buried                                                              at Mount Herzl military cemetery.

                                                    The Nili group will also know a dramatic end.

                                        A pigeon carrying a coded message fell to the hands of the Turks.                                                             The group was discovered and they will all die                                                  tragically, a deep repression will follow for all the Jews of Palestine.

''Herzliya Hebrew High School'' first picture of Feinberg's class

”Herzliya Hebrew High School” First picture of Feinberg’s class


”Herzliya Hebrew High School” la première photo de classe de Feinberg Avshalom