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The Dead Sea’s … agony

The Dead sea

The Dead sea

                                The Dead Sea, in Hebrew called ‘Yam Hamelah’ meaning ‘Sea of Salt’
                                                is located at  422 meters below the sea level.

It has no fauna or flora, but it does contain omega 3, 6 and beta-carotene. The Dead Sea contains a  very high concentration of minerals such as sulfur, magnesium, bromine and phosphate. It also contains essential natural minerals like chlorine, iodine, calcium and zinc. They are all extracted for factories, which are situated at the southern end of the sea.

The Dead Sea is highly coveted for its many benefits and offers all kinds of therapies for the treatment of skin diseases, joint problems, respiratory problems and high blood pressure.

                         However, as the level drops about 1 meter per year, this sea may                                                                       disappear if we do not take care of it!

The withdrawal of the sea causes a phenomenon called ‘Sinkhole’, a spontaneous gulf that swallows anything.

These chasms arise from the interaction between fresh water and an underground layer of salt. The water dissolves the salt, creating a vacuum in the ground which results in the collapse of its surface.

                            There is at least one sinkhole per day around the Dead Sea,
                                                     which is highly alarming….                                                        

In Roman times, The Emperor Vespasian was not convinced that one could float in the Dead       Sea. As proof he took some chained slaves and threw them into the water and of course…..

                                                                THEY FLOATED !


An ibex on the shore of the Dead Sea near a sinkhole

An ibex on the shore of the Dead Sea near a sinkhole

– Sulfur – helps clean the skin
– Magnesium – helps in the metabolism of cells, strongly recommended to treat psoriasis
– Bromine – for its soothing effects
– Potassium – people with asthma find real relief to breathe salt vapors


DATES – Fruit of the Holyland

 palmiers dattiers

For all dates lovers….                                                                     

                                                                      DID YOU KNOW?

                               YOUR ARTERIES need DATES .. and they have all the qualities.

Israel is the country of dates. The Israeli Medjoul dates are the most coveted because of their softness, their flesh and their large size. They represent about 35 percent of the world market.

A sweet fruit, yet they do not raise cholesterol levels and even protect the arteries. They strengthen protection against heart attacks and stroke risk by lowering levels of triglycerides in the blood.

In the 1930’s the founder of Kibbutz Kinneret, Mr. Ben-Zion Yisraeli, made several trips to Egypt, Iraq, Kurdistan and Iran in search of date seedlings for transplanting in Israel. Nevertheless, the Medjoul varieties and Deglet Nour came decades later via California.

All varieties of dates are grown in Israel in areas that extend along the Jordan valley and the dattes 3Arava The Syrian-African fault that stretches from Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) in the north and the Dead Sea in the south, offers the perfect conditions for growing hot dates.

The high temperatures are necessary for the fruit to ripen, and palms also need a lot of water. This is not always sufficient, but fortunately these trees develop easily with water even slightly salty and recycled water.

The harvest season of dates starts in late July and ends in October

According to scientific research, the pomegranate, grapes and olive oil are the three foods that can limit heart attacks and cerebral accidents. For a long time, the date did not have a good reputation among nutritionists: “They were suspected to be cholesterol bombs,” says one researcher. Yet the results are formal: eating 100 grams of dates daily for the period of one month does not raise the sugar level in the blood for even an inch. Instead, cholesterol is found decreased.

Remember the Rambam – Moses Maimonides (1135-1204) A Doctor and a Jewish philosopher as well as an Andalusian Rabbi .. To him the word health (in Hebrew BRIOUT) meant:

1- B- “Bolem” mitigate R- “rogzo” anger
2- I-  “iafchit” reduce O- “ochlo” his diet
3- U- “viagbir”  increase T- “tnouato” movement

The three principles of the Rambam remain valid.

Epidemiological studies have shown that risk factors for cardiovascular diseases which are primarily responsible for mortality are:

– Smoking, hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol A and / or detriglycéride)
– Hypertension,
– Diabetes, abdominal obesity,
– Stress, low daily intake of fruits and vegetables
– Lack of exercise, excessive alcohol consumptions

All of these risk factors can be reduced or eliminated.

                          Besides, did Einstein himself not nod to the medical by declaring:

                                 “A clever person solves problems, a wise person avoids them.”


A dates palm tree

A dates palm tree