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A never forgotten place in Jerusalem -Zedekiah’s pool

Zedekiah became king of Judea at the age of 21. He reigned eleven years, from 597-586 BCE. 
Zedekiah was crowned by Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon, to become his vassal. However, weak and indecisive of character, and influenced by his entourage and false prophets, he was unable to resist the political intrigues which were then brewing in Jerusalem. He could not face the storm which was about to strike over to Judah, and which brought the defeat of Jerusalem.

The pool of Zedekiah is hidden in the Christian quarter of Jerusalem. For a small amount of money it is possible to get to the roof of a  neglected hotel and take a panoramic shot of the ‘pool or reservoir’, a shocking image of a rundown site, but which stayed intact  through time and was never forgotten!

Zedekiah’s Pool