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Joan the Popess – A tale or a reality?

Joan the Popess

Joan the Popess

Joan the Popess – A tale or a reality?
Did you hear about the story of Joan the Popess ?

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DOMUS GALILAEAE – The Galilee’s Home

Domus Galilaeae The garden

Domus Galilaeae The garden

This magnificent building of Domus Galilaeae is in the lower galilee dominating the Sea of Galilee and the Mont of Beatitudes.

Domus Galilaeae first stone was laid in  January 1999, the building was built in a short period of time with traditional Tuscan stone.

The opening of the site was held in 2000.

Managed by the Catholic organization Neocatechumenal Way, Domus Galilaeae employs about 150 full-time people, including workers, technicians and volunteers. There are 37 Christian Arab workers, 32 Arab Muslims, 21 technicians, 20 Jews, Druze and 10 Maronites.

It was inaugurated by Pope John Paul II during his visit for the Holy Land Millennium .

In the center of the library is an ancient Torah.

Francisco José Argüello Gómez y Wirtz more fluently called Kiko Arguello Wirtz was born in Spain January 9, 1939. A Spanish artist who studied fine art at the Royal Academy of San Fernando in Madrid and received in 1959 the Special National Award for painting.

He is not only the architect but also the innovator of what became in 1964 the Neocatechumenal Way in the slums of Palomeras Altas in Madrid.

On May 13, 2009, he received an honorary doctorate by the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family.

The center is designed as a place where Christians would learn about the living tradition of Israel following the footsteps of early Christian saints “who have returned to their Hebrew roots by studying the meaning of prayer, celebrations and Hebrew liturgies” .

John Paul II, who illustrated a new era affinity between Catholics and Jews, stressed the need to appreciate the Jewish roots in order to live an authentic Christianity.

Domus Galilaeae entrance hall

Domus Galilaeae entrance hall

Domus Galilaeae roof and terrasse overlooking the Sea of Galilee

Domus Galilaeae roof and terrasse overlooking the Sea of Galilee

Domus Galilaeae magnificent library

Domus Galilaeae magnificent library

Domus Galilaeae - the chapel

Domus Galilaeae – the chapel



The Easter Feast in Jerusalem

I was in Jerusalem during this Holy Week and I met many Christians groups united by faith who have come to celebrate this Feast of Easter together in the Holy City.







Herod’s Palace in Jerusalem


Herod's Palace in Jerusalem

Herod’s Palace in Jerusale                                          

                              Archaeologists say they have uncovered the remains of King                                                Herod’s palace in Jerusalem – and with it the site where the trial of                                                                            Jesus may have taken place.

The excavation of an old abandoned building near the city’s Tower of David Museum could have revealed the remains of a palace where the trial described in the New Testament took place, reports the Washington Post.

The building known as the Kishle is situated to the south ot the Tower of David and was built by Ibrahim Pasha, the Egyptian ruler in 1830, used as a military compound it became a police station and jail during the British Mandate.






The Mosaics of the Church of the Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes

Mosaics of the Church of loaves and fishes

Mosaics of the Church of loaves and fishes

Mosaic with the nilometer

Mosaic with the nilometer


The Benedictine Church of the Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes, called Tabgha in Arabic or Heptategon in Latin meaning –  seven sources is located on the shores of  the Sea of Galilee on the ancient roman road – The Via Maris.

The magnificent Byzantine mosaics of the church, dating from the sixth century,  describe  the migratory birds crossing the Holy land and resting at the Sea of Galilee.

Israel is the passage of migratory birds on their way to Africa heading to Europe, one never get tired of watching flights of storks, cranes, pelicans, cormorants, kingfishers, hawks and many others above our heads in Spring or Autumn.

There is also a Nilometer in  this mosaic, a measure that was used in Egypt to know the height of the Nile.

                                     The fact that a nilometer is shown in this mosaic implies either :

                                   That this measure was used outside Egypt and the artist probably an                                                          Egyptian reproduced what he knew best.

                                    We know as well that the nilometer allowed to know the water level                                                    of the lake meaning  a better harvest if there was a lot of                                                              water and higher taxes to be pay by the farmers.

An Rock Hyrax fed by a bird

An Rock Hyrax fed by a bird


The Jerusalem Syndrome

A visitor walking barefoot winter and summer in the old city of Jerusalem

A visitor walking barefoot winter and summer in the old city of Jerusalem

For centuries, thousands of visitors have been visiting Jerusalem.
Among them there is a small number – victim of what experts call the ”Jerusalem Syndrome”.
This is the result of an emotional  trauma caused by the proximity of the Holy Places …
There are about forty people each year from among two millions of tourists, who have been hospitalized in Jerusalem for believing to be either the Messiah, Mary Magdalene or any other biblical character.
In the Capital they are being taken care of by the Emergency departments of Kfar Shaul Psychiatric Hospital. These ”would-be Messiahs” with their eccentric and bizarre behaviour are attracted by the mystique of the Holy City and are completely losing touch with reality. They become psychotic upon entering Jerusalem.
Contrary to what was expected, the year 2000 was not the safe haven for all these “false Messiahs.” Only a few arrived in Jerusalem, and were taken care of by the Israel Police, psychiatrists and psychologists.
Specialists from the Kfar Shaul Psychiatric Hospital in Jerusalem published in August 2000
in the British Journal of Psychiatry a study that reported on this syndrome:
”Jerusalem, a city that combines the sense of the sacred, history and paradise, has an unparalleled attraction for believers of various religions of the world – especially the Jews, Christians and Muslims.
When people dream of Jerusalem, they do not see modern Jerusalem and politically controversial, but the City Religious Scripture and biblical.
Since 1980, psychiatrists of Jerusalem met with a growing number of tourists, arriving in Jerusalem, suffer psychotic decompensation. Because of the high incidence of this phenomenon, it was decided to direct all such cases to a single institution – the psychiatric hospital in Kfar Shaul – for psychological counseling, psychiatric intervention and, if necessary, admission to hospital. Over a period of 13 years (1980-1993), 1200 tourists with serious mental problems were taken to this hospital in Jerusalem . Of these, 470 were admitted to hospital which sees an average of 100 tourists per year for this condition, including forty need to be hospitalized.”
An old Palestinian man with his donkey on the Mount of Olives like in a Biblical time

An old Palestinian man with his donkey on the Mount of Olives like in a Biblical time